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How does FOCSY ecosystem work?

  • Create a FOCSY wallet
  • Specify your FOCSY wallet in your favorite store's or loyalty app or use FOCSY genuine app
  • Use your FOCSY wallet as an ID to pay with any store's loyalty points
  • Check your FOCSY balance inside your favorite app anytime
  • Use collected points in your favorite app to get a discount.

How can I profit from FOCSY?

FOCSY gathers a big pool of partner stores that will provide discounts in exchange for FOCSY points and their own reward points

How to receive FOCSY points:

  • Complete tasks and earn
  • Receive cash back
  • Be the first to join
Use any app you like to track and use your reward points of any store
Easy migration
Migrate FOCSY wallet from one app to another without losing points
Earn more
Exchange different kinds of points (if stores allow to do that)
Pay with focsy
Use universal FOCSY points accepted by almost of all stores
No plastic needed
Forget about plastic cards and individual IDs - FOCSY wallet performs blockchain authentication. One ID for all of your purchases.
Easy to set up!
Professional Retailer can now create reward programs without complex technical barriers
Grow your database
Use FOCSY points and the whole FOCSY Foundation customer database
Business can create a reward program by their own rules
No plastic, no limits
Highly secured
Blockchain technology and cryptography enable us to get rid of mistakes and fraud that occure when a customers gives away his reward points with a full customer identification
100% transparent
All transactions are stored publically on FOCSY blockchain
Added value for customers
Increased customers’ retention
Easy integration with API

What is Focsy?

FOCSY is Free Of Charge Systems Foundation, a non-for-profit organization that aims at serving customers and retailers all over the world by spreading the technology. Our target is 1 billion active users. FOCSY develops its own blockchain and several APIs for developers. Everything is given away at zero cost, so that software developers have free access to the technology and can make it better with the goal to create better solution that allows to increase the revenues.